Looking back on a successful climate march

More than 35,000 people died Saturday, March 10th in Amsterdam for the climate march. The common desire - a bold climate policies from the government - gave togetherness. In the Dominican Church was the climate march started for over 800 faithful, representing at least 120 different churches. It was heartwarming to see how, despite the cold and wet, Christians from various denominations were united in the belief that care for creation is fully part of our faith.

In the preparations of church participation in the climate march drew the Green Church Action (Tear and Church in Action), Micah Netherlands , Mission Netherlands , A Rocha , and the Protestant Church in the Netherlands together. The organizations hope that the churches also let the future show that they can be a source of inspiration and also trigger when it comes to achieving climate targets.  

Opening Service climate march 

Prior to the climate march was the opening moment of prayer held in the Dominican Church in the Spuistraat. With 800 visitors was the church packed. The service was provided by Eva Martens of Dominic Church, Bishop Henry of the Roman Catholic Church, Jan Wolsheimer Mission Netherlands, secretary DS. René de Reuver of the Protestant Church. It was special to see the brotherhood among all denominations. Churches were set in motion and have their voices heard. 

Dam to the Museumplein 

From Dominicuskerk left the procession to the Dam, walking behind the banners 'With all your heart "," With all your soul, "and" with all your mind.' After some time could be walked to the Museum from the Dam. Among the participants lived realize that it really is high time to take steps. That urgency was clearly reflected in the slogans on the banners. Young and old were ended March 10 came to Amsterdam despite the pouring rain. The official census of the police revealed that more than 35,000 people participated in the Climate Mars, a clear signal to the government. Thanks a lot for your participation! 

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