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  • A New Energy Age Must Now Begin

    What sorts of energy and how much energy will the human race be using in our common future? This was the central question facing the Third Assembly of the European Christian Environmental Network at its meeting in Raubichi, Belarus. The choice of this theme was almost forced upon the assembly, given that Belorussia is the country most severely affected by the catastrophe at Chernobyl just over 15 years ago.

  • Press Communique

    A new energy age must begin now

    "We ask the churches to commit themselves to promoting future energy scenarios in which the top priority is unambiguously and deliberately given to gaining energy from renewable sources. Although we are well aware that it will be quite impossible to transfer from one day to the next from one set of energy sources to the other, we believe that the present sources - as their effects so clearly demonstrate - belong to the past and must now prepare to give way to the new."