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  • Living in a new Energy Era

    ECEN has been considering the issue of energy at its Assembly in Flamslatt in September 2006. It examined energy previously in Minsk in 2001 when it asked "churches to commit themselves to promoting energy scenarios in which priority is unambiguously and deliberately given to energy saving and energy generation from renewable sources."

    Energy production and consumption in Europe faces huge challenges today:

  • Climate Justice programme

    The 6th Assembly of the European Christian Environmental Network, gathering in Flamslatt, Sweden, 27 Sept. – 1 Oct. 2006, warmly supports the setting up of a "Climate Justice" Programme

    The programme is being developed under the umbrella of the ECEN in order to approach climate change from a North/South justice perspective. The programme aims to bring together initiatives in the European churches, organisations and agencies in the field of climate change and energy.

  • Towards a sustainable mobility culture within European Churches


    • Andrea Guraqugi and Anton Benussi, Shkodra, Albania
    • Hemma Opis-Pieber, Graz, Austria
    • Jobst Kraus, Bad Boll, Germany
    • Antonella Visintin, Torino, Italy
    • Robert Buick, Londonderry, Northern Ireland
    • Lars Ove Kvalbein, Bergen, Norway

    Regarding the theme of "energy" of our 6th assembly we remark, that the environmental and social impact of all kind of motorised mobility is tremendous – both local and global. We have to note that:

  • From Basel to Flämslätt

    1. Introduction

    ECEN is coming to its 6th Assembly. We gather only 1 year after the successful Assembly in Basel. The Assembly in Flämslätt is the second biggest Assembly in ECEN history. At this Assembly participate 95 registered delegates, friends and guests from 23 countries. This can be seen as a good sign, a sign of the vitality of the network. There was a good deal of optimism in the decision to hold the Assembly at this particular moment, in the short time after the Assembly in Basel. There were, however, good reasons for it.

  • Water – A Question of Life and Death


  • A call to tackle climate change in the EU

    We speak as the European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN), bringing together representatives and members from Christian churches across Europe – Anglican, Orthodox, Protestant and Roman Catholic – whose membership comprises many millions of European citizens.

    We are deeply concerned by the growing impact of human induced climate change on our planet, its inhabitants and ecosystems – God´s creation. We see the need for justice for those people and environments that are most vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.

  • Shifting perspectives

    In Western Europe there has been an exponential growth in reporting of environmental degradation and resource depletion. In Eastern Europe there is less public awareness, but across the continent we face a major educational challenge. The dominant culture seems to be unassailable: life-styles are not shifting, multinational companies are not changing their core activities, air travel continues to expand and international negotiations are held back by national short-term economic interests.

  • Energy Policy and Values

    European Strategy for Sustainable, Competitive and Secure Energy

    • Need for urgent investment (1 trillion euros by 2025)
    • Import dependency and source concentration is rising (50%->70% by 2030)
    • Global energy demand is rising (60% by 2030)
    • Prices are rising (oil and gas prices doubled in two years)
    • Climate change is real and happening (greater threat than global terrorism?)
  • Environmental Christianity in Denmark

    Martin Ishoey is Pastor of Balle in Silkeborg. He is a theologian with a PhD in environmental ethics. He has worked in collaboration with the conservation officer and Aqua (, the wildlife centre in his parish to provide inspiring activities for young people.

    For example, young children learned about the story of Noah inside the freshwater aquarium, imagining that they were inside the ark surrounded by local species of fish. Afterwards made animals out of clay.

  • Flamslatt Diary

    The sixth ECEN Assembly took place in Fl?sl?tt, a church centre near Skara, Sweden. Around 100 delegates gathered in the beautiful surroundings of autumnal trees and the lake, to discuss "Living in a new Energy Era".

    The first day of the Assembly involved learning about and discussing the theme of Energy. Lukas Vischer introduced the theme, with reference to the {cms_selflink page="raubichi01" text="Assembly in Minsk"} in 2001, when energy was previously discussed. Lukas set out four new challenges since that time: