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All around Europe Christians are writing liturgical material with a Creation theme. ECEN collects this material for use in Creation Time and throughout the year. It is now being made available on the website for you to browse and use in your church.

It is hoped to provide all the material in the indexed format below. Until this is complete, previous ECEN Creationtime collections are available to download here in word or pdf format:


"Journeying with God" - 2017

"Ein Ohr für die Schöpfung - Themenreihe fünf Sinne" - 2016
"God, whose farm is all creation" - 2014
"Cooperatice enterprises build a better world" - 2012 
"Trees and forests shall rejoice" - 2011 
Creation time - 2010  
"Turn, then, and live" - 2009 
"Choose Life" - 2008 
"Biblical Meditations and Prayers" - 2006
"Rhytm of Creation and Rhythm of Life" - 2005 
"Preserving water, land and air" - 2004 
"Our Responsibility to Future Generations" - 2003 
"Contributions to Celebrate the Creation" - 2001 (English), (German) 
"Gottesdiensvorschlag für den Tag der Schöüfung" - 2000 (German)