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Hans-Jurgen Schorre

I came to ECEN in 1999 because I work with church and environment in the National Council of the Lutheran church of Norway. Another person was in at the founding of ECEN in 1998 and he came back and said we should do a similar thing in Norway so we have started an environmental network amongst churches and engaged persons on a similar model in 1999.

I started to work on this in 1996: my background is biology and theology and I got the job for environmental issues in the church when it was created. In this year our church synod had as the main theme 'consumption and justice'. And this was a kind of beginning of a huge and various work with many projects and activities. We have a green church programme and I feel more engaged in the work every year. I grew up in another church in Germany, which had no concern for 'the world'. Today I find it very valuable to be part of another church which wants to care about justice and creation. I think this sharing of different experiences is a very valuable aspect of ECEN.

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