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I started getting interested in eco-theology in 1979 while studying theology, and was always questioning the way of life and development that everyone was in, and from the theological side that the driver behind changes is based on theology.

So when I became a pastor in 1987 this was one of the themes I was interested to get into church work.

In 1992 as a response to the Rio summit an environmental network was set up in Sweden and in 2000 I began to work for this. This was accepted as work which the church should do by the national board of the church.

But if you work with ecological questions you can't do it within national boundaries, so I went to the ECEN Assembly in Volos in 2003 and was hooked. At first I didn't understand very much -- Martyn Goss and I made jokes about all the Coalitions -- but I like the sharing and communicating and the focus of the different groups on themes. So now ECEN is one of the priorities in my work, and when I work with different national and international networks I try to join up work between them.