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  • Gratitude, Respect, Moderation

    Along with other Christian churches, our church has taken the challenge of climate change seriously. Already for years, churches have considered climate change the worst of environmental crises. The concern rises from the experiences of the worldwide church. Climate change impacts first and hardest the people and peoples, who are already the most vulnerable. It causes flooding and drought that endanger the life of millions of poor people in the South.

  • Bread and Fish

    Bread + Fish is a long-term communication project for the entire Baltic Sea Region. Its objective is to encourage social institutions to share responsibility for our common cultural heritage, economic area, and habitat, the Baltic Sea. Moreover, shared values and visions for the Baltic Sea Region should be developed and introduced into planning processes.

    Visit the website (Deutsche/ English) at

  • Church Environmental Diploma

    logo with church and green trees

    The Church Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland established a Church Environmental Diploma in February 2001. A local congregation meeting the requirements can apply for the diploma. The church diploma is an environmental system created to be used by the local congregations. The requirements are listed in a handbook that is available in the two national languages, Finnish and Swedish.