"Care for God's creation", say Christians joining climate change protests in London

A photo series by Sean Hawkey on the recent “Extinction Rebellion” in London is being featured by the World Council of Churches (WCC) in order to lift up Christian participation and example in climate change protests.


The Extinction Rebellion protests in London portray the deep Christian tradition of civil disobedience for justice, and show the willingness to make sacrifices on behalf of others.


Martin Newell of Christian Climate Action said: “Getting arrested, going to prison, that’s something I’m willing to do. It’s not something I want to do, I have other things I’d rather being doing with my life, but I’m willing to do it to make this happen. And there are many of us willing to make sacrifices. For me, I’m trying to follow Jesus. He showed us the redemptive power of suffering love, on the cross and in his passion, that’s the way of the cross, it’s the path I am called to follow in these situations”.


Helen Burnett, an Anglican priest from a parish in Caterham in the Diocese of Southwark, led prayers at an interfaith prayer ceremony at St Paul's Cathedral, along with Rowan Williams, former archbishop of Canterbury. "There's such a deep sense of spiritual crisis that is deeply intertwined with the ecological crisis that we are facing. This is a movement that draws all of that together".

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