Environmental Work in Religious Organizations in Belarus - review launched

"When discussing issues of ecological culture and environmental values in Belarus, it is necessary to take into account the role of religious organizations that influence the values and culture of the country’s population. Understanding how the most numerous religious communities of the country relate to environmental issues, and seeing the level of their involvement in this topic, allows us to analyze in which areas of activity (for example, educational, parish, social, etc.) environmental topics are best represented, how communities interact with environmental organizations and the public, and assess the overall role of religion in solving environmental problems in Belarus"

"The aim of the work was to explore the extent to which the selected religious communities of Belarus are involved in the environmental movement, to study their characteristics and wishes in working with environmental topics."

"The review presents an expert point of view and does not claim to be a comprehensive analysis, does not fully reflect the representation of the environmental agenda in the religious community of Belarus, but helps to find growth points and entry points in promoting this agenda in religious communities."