What is the Climate Action Day about?

The 23rd World Climate Conference will take place in Germany and will be presided over by the Fiji Islands. Diplomats, politicians and representatives of civil society from all over the world will meet from 6-17 November in Bonn.

Be part of a worldwide movement! Protect the climate! Join in the Climate Action Day – either on-site or in the large scale action on November 4 in Bonn.

Youths from all over the world take part in the “Climate Action Day”. They plant trees, take a stand for encouraging cycle traffic in their city, perform street theatre against coal based electricity or upcycle things others throw away. This year the Climate Action Day takes place at the same time as the 23rd UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn. You can join in and contribute to a change!

Become part of the worldwide movement and show the world what young people can achieve – on their own, with friends, with your youth group or school class. Win friends, acquaintances or your family over to participate in a conscious commitment to environment and climate protection during one day or week in November. Why should we leave it to the politicians to decide on the future of our planet Earth?


Source: ClimateActionDay.org