Assembly Diary - Saturday

After a morning in working groups and creative workshops we gathered again in plenary to begin with reports from working groups: Theology, Lifestyle transition, Climate, Food, and Eco-Management.

The Creation time group suggested ECEN promote a 101010 Creationtime. Here is the website so you can begin to do this:

We then considered the final document of the ECEN Assembly.

We heard from our partners in the World Council of Churches and European Catholic Bishops Conference, and heard about the work of the churches in eastern Europe:

In Slovakia environmental work has begun in a church centre which it is hoped will be a good example for others to follow.

In Hungary environmental initiatives go back twenty years. They have produced a small practical booklet on Creation Time based on the seven days of creation, with theological reflections, songs, prayers, images and quotations, facts about the environment and suggestions for action for each day. They also produced a poster. Most churches found the material easy enough to use to make it possible for them to celebrate Creation Time.

In Poland the churches have been working with the church in Sweden to improve energy efficiency, and it is applying for European money to help develop projects. Whether or not this is successful the momentum which is beginning is very encouraging.

In the Czech republic new projects are always developing like the Horne Krupe solar roofs project.

We also heard about the work of the World Student Christian Federation,