Grant pardon, salvation and divine mercy

Merciful God,

who loves humankind, look with an eye of compassion upon the works of your hands and set free the atmosphere from dread destruction and death-dealing emissions and every poisonous pollution, through which death and danger threaten. Take pity on what you have fashioned and give to all prudence not to act senselessly, the result of which is corruption, granting to all pardon and salvation and divine mercy

With my voice I cried to the Lord, and he heard me from his holy mountain.

Accept, O Saviour, the entreaties of your Mother which she offers for all creation, and the supplication of all your saints. Grant to all your mercies, and keep unharmed the firmament which you spread out from the beginning with wisdom, Lord, and brought into being for the benefit of mortals. Keep undamaged. O Lord, the whole environment which girds the earth from harmful influences, granting to all pardon and salvation and great mercy.

When I called, you hearkened to me, o God of my justice, in all affliction you set me at large.

With humility we entreat you, Lord, and we fall down before you. At your command deliver the earth on which we dwell from every harm and from harsh ruin, and speedily avert from it and abolish by your will all destructive emanations, and pour out the fresh dew of life-sustaining air. Fence the whole enclosure of the environment, Master and Saviour, with your mighty power, granting to all pardon, salvation and divine mercy.

from: Orthodoxy and Ecology, Resource Book, Syndesmos 1996