Solidarity of ECEN with colleagues in Belarus

16 August 2021


In July 2021 state authorities in Belarus dissolved about 40 public organizations of different profile – social, human rights, and environmental. Among them also the Center for Environmental Solutions (CES). Related to that, on 23 July police conducted the search of CES office picked up working computers and personal mobile phones of staff members of CES.


‘In ECEN we strongly condemn this act of political violence and express solidarity with our colleagues in Belarus. We pray for continuation of work on care for creation bringing benefits for a broad society, as well as for fruitful ecumenical cooperation among the churches in the country and for peace in Belarus,’ said in reaction to this development Peter Pavlovic, secretary of ECEN.

CES has been a partner organization of ECEN, through which has been supported work of churches in Belarus on environment and care for creation. Since 2009, the Center for Environmental Solutions has been an organization that dealt with the development of an environmentally friendly lifestyle in Belarus and development of environmental protection. Over the years, the expertise and fruits of cooperation with the Center for Environmental Solutions have been used by a big number of subjects in Belarus and abroad, including various educational institutions and churches.

ECEN has supported work on care for creation in Belarus through cooperation with CES. Partnership has developed through intensive contacts over the years, notably by working together on project of Twinning partnership, focusing on transfer of experience from work on protection of environment in different European countries. In 2019 ECEN organized a team visit in Belarus, in order to demonstrate its support of churches’ engagement in protection of creation and further support of building of bridges of understanding and partnership between different regions of Europe.  


More information about Church and environment program in Belarus is available at:

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The statement of Amnesty International in relation to closure of NGOs in Belarus, including CES: