Assembly Diary - Friday

Today opened with an Akathist in praise of God's Creation from the Orthodox church. This was written in the 1930s and demonstrated to us the way in which the Orthodox worship with the 'five senses and love' as we spoke of yesterday. This worship will be put on the website shortly.

The main work of the day was in the five working groups, Eco-Management, Theology, Food, Climate Change and Transition living.

In the afternoon, one group went to the city of Prague to see environmental work, and another group went on a pilgrimage through the Czech countryside to an environmental centre. I will soon be putting up an album with photos (and indeed poems) if participants will send them!

In the evening Roddy Hamilton led us in evening prayer telling a story of how justice and grace and the kingdom of God were found in the world in the form of bread, and sent us out into the world to find it for ourselves.