Climate Justice programme

The 6th Assembly of the European Christian Environmental Network, gathering in Flamslatt, Sweden, 27 Sept. – 1 Oct. 2006, warmly supports the setting up of a "Climate Justice" Programme

The programme is being developed under the umbrella of the ECEN in order to approach climate change from a North/South justice perspective. The programme aims to bring together initiatives in the European churches, organisations and agencies in the field of climate change and energy.

The basic principle of the justice perspective is the equal share and sustainable use of the atmosphere by all world inhabitants.

This justice perspective means in the following order:

  • bringing down GHG emissions in the North by
  • changing lifestyles (through theological reflection, education, awareness raising, campaigns, etc.)
  • eco-management
  • shift towards green energy
  • promoting voluntary payments for remaining surplus of GHG emissions above the sustainable footprint (e.g, 2 ton CO2 per capita) which will be used for financing sustainable development projects in the South