Church has a message - Awarding of the first Westphalian Creation Prize by the Evangelical Church of Westphalia



"All life is at stake", Annette Kurschus, Praeses (Bishop) of the Evangelical Church of Westphalia, emphasized at the award ceremony the need to get involved now for the preservation of biological diversity. Against this background, she turned to the applicants for the Creation Prize with the words: “You serve life. It will not be in vain. "

In fact, the contagious enthusiasm and joy with which the active people in the projects submitted for the Creation Prize put their ideas into practice showed that nature and the environment are the big winners, but community life and the cohesion in the institutions are also enriched and filled with life.

The Westphalian regional church is a pioneer in the creation price. Hopefully, many more will follow and motivate them to follow suit and participate. Because creation also needs enthusiasts ...


You can find more information (in German) here.

Photo: Karola Widermann