14th ECEN Assembly - Resources

Challenges we are living in

14th June


Opening Prayer

Session 1 -Theological perspective of the current ecological challenges

Keynote speakers: 

    Archbishop K. G. Hammar (Church of Sweden)

    Dr Ruth Valerio (Global Advocacy and Influencing Director, Tearfund)

Session 2What did we learn from the pandemic? How to react to demands of energy security? Growing vulnerability to climate change - Advocacy and dialogue of churches with politics

    Sirpa Pietikainen, MEP (Finland)

    Martin Hojsik, MEP (Slovakia)

    Dave Bookless, Director of Theology, A Rocha International

    Kees Nieuwerth, Moderator of the CEC thematic group on a sustainable future

Session 3 - Future of ECEN and Election of the ECEN Enabling team

    Jørgen Skov Sørensen, General Secretary of the Conference of European Churches

    Henrik Grape & Stephen Taylor, ECEN


15th June  

Opening prayer

Session 4 - Christ’s love moves the world to reconciliation and unity - care for creation in the agenda of WCC Assembly 2022

    Athena Peralta, WCC Climate Change group

    Beate Fagerli, Church of Norway 

    Dinesh Suna, WCC Assembly planning group 

    Marc Witzenbacher, WCC Assembly planning group

Session 5 - Announcement of the winner of the Roman Juriga Award 2022

Climate Justice – A Concern of Ecumenical Youth

Session 6 - Every part of creation matters - Panel on green theology and upcoming projects with engagement of churches in Europe