Thematic Work

The Working Groups and coalitions are the heart of the ECEN Network and the focus of our environmental work. They are informal sub-networks to help us work together. Each group has

  • a programme of work which it has developed
  • a facilitator to co-ordinate its work and ensure communication
  • a core group of committed members
  • a wider mailing list of interested people, open to anyone

You can find out about the groups and contact the facilitators on the pages below:

CLIMATE CHANGE - Church engagement with the science, politics and injustice of climate change
THEOLOGY - Making the connection between envirnomnetal crisis and faith in all the churches of Europe
ECO-MANAGEMENT - Practical action to reduce your church's environmental footprint
ENERGY - Encouraging an environmental perspective in seminaries, Sunday schools and throughout the church
NATURE PROTECTION - Making your church more friendly for wildlife and biodiversity
TRANSFORM OUR LIVING - useful examples, tips to impact climate positively