ECEN is a church network promoting co-operation in caring for creation.

Ecological threats transcend national and confessional boundaries. The aim of the ECEN is to share information, experiences in environmental work among widely varied Christian traditions and to encourage a united witness in caring for God's creation. ECEN is the main working instrument of the Conference of European Churches for addressing the need for environmental engagement and responding to climate change.

‘Energy and Climate Change - the Churches' Role and Voice’

10th Assembly of ECEN

27 September - 1 October 2014, Balatonszárszó (Hungary)
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04.Apr 14

Stop the madness and act responsible to the climate threat!

A call to take action for the most vulnerable and poor in the world in focus when deciding about climate and climate...

Reflection to Fast for the Climate on March 1st

Rev. Henrik Grape form Sweden: Good theology mobilizes us to change

Reflection to Fast for the Climate on March 1st

Ms. Lydia Mogano from South Africa reflecting on fasting for the Climate - Allowing God to be fully at work in us

Fast for the Climate

A call to fast for climate justice on the first day of every month until December 2014

03.Apr 14

Campaign on withdrawing investments from the fossil fuel industry

WCC invites ECEN and churches in Europe to work together

What hope for suffering ecosystems of our planet?

A theological contribution to current discussion of eco-feminism.

Environmental Justice Atlas resource online

A great resource for finding out what environmental conflicts and environmental justice movements are happening around...

01.Apr 14

Climate change is part of our reality

Human influence on the climate system is now without any doubt.

21.Mar 14

Is our civilisation heading to collapse?

Unsustainable use of natural resources and increasing unequal distribution of wealth can be the causes leading to...

14.Mar 14

Christian ecological project in Russia

Support is needed for the development of an eco-village in Orlovka, Siberia. Read below to find out the different...

EU 2030 climate package: a reason for complaint?

The EU policy framework for climate and energy for 2020 to 2030 revealed at the end of January has soon become the...

Progress towards the 2020 energy efficiency objective and a 2030 energy efficiency policy framework

Public consultation launched by the European Commission. To contribute fill out questionnaire

EU Climate Policy: A policy framework for climate and energy in the period from 2020 to 2030

European Commission revealed at the end of January its new plans for tackling climate change and energy.

The theatre of God’s glory: a kaleidoscope of biblical perspectives on creation

This essay explores different biblical perspectives on these questions, and offers a kaleidoscope of different ‘colours...