CEC President: “Care for Creation is an undisputable part of Christian theology”

The Assisi prayers were marked by the presence of Presidents of CEC and CCEE Rev. Christian Krieger and cardinal Angelo Bagnasco. The President of CEC in his contribution underlined that ‘Care for Creation is an undisputable part of Christian theology, of our relation between people with God and with this world.’

CEC President added: ‘Care for Creation is an unequivocal task for all Christians and for all churches. It is the task which goes hand in hand with another principal task of churches, efforts for unity. There is no difference in efforts in Care for Creation among the churches from all variety of different church traditions. Care for Creation is the task on which can all churches work together without raising any other issues needed to be resolved before.’

Therefore, as Rev Krieger emphasized: ‘Care for Creation is the task for all of us. It is not only urgent; it is for churches possible. We need to step up our efforts and be responsible to beautiful gift of God’s creation. We can and we need to do it! Working and praying for creation together.’

At the event participated representatives of variety of church communities including roman catholic, anglican, orthodox and protestant, and representatives of different ecumenical organisations and networks incl. World Council of Churches, Lutheran World Federation, ActAlliance, European Christian Environmental Network and Global Catholic Climate Movement.