Church Times Green Church Awards 2017

Church Times Green Church Awards 2017

Page 2 of the current issue of the Church Times features the launch of the Church Times Green Church Awards 2017, in recognition of a range of impressive environmental advances made by churches of all denominations in the past few years.

Many individual initiatives have been taken by churches around the country in recognition of the urgent need to tackle climate change by reducing their carbon footprint and campaigning for others to do the same. The awards are a means of gathering these initiatives together and acknowledging the imaginative and sacrificial work done by many hundreds of churchgoers.

By highlighting some of the best projects, the paper hopes to set good examples before others who might be inspired to follow suit.

The awards are jointly organised by Shrinking the Footprint, the Church of England’s national environmental campaign. The judges will be looking for projects that have made a significant difference in the past five years in buildings, outdoors, and in the community. In addition, there is an award for the most inspiring individual; and they want to support imaginative future projects.

Awards include:

  • Green Buildings £1000,
  • Green Congregations £1000,
  • Biodiversity £1000,
  • Green Champion £1000 and
  • Green Futures £6000+

The deadline for entries is 2 July. Those shortlisted will be published in the Church Times during the summer. The awards will be presented in Lambeth Palace on 16 October.

For more details and information on how to enter, see