Climate change and churches – a conversation in the European Parliament

The task to address climate change has an ethical dimension including questions related to consumption and production patterns of individuals and societies and related disparities between industrialized and developing countries. In facing the challenge is therefore a dialogue and a joint effort of political decision makers, churches and religions of fundamental importance,’ this was the message resonating on the meeting organised in the European Parliament.


An exchange organised by the parliamentary group on interreligious and intercultural dialogue of the European Peoples’ Party (EPP) took place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.  ECEN secretary and Study Secretary of the Conference of European Churches Peter Pavlovic had an opportunity to discuss with the members of EPP in the European Parliament the role of churches and faith based actors in addressing the climate change, as well as inform them about variety of churches’ activities responding to climate change and in expressing their concerns in taking care for creation.


Jan Olbrycht, member of the European Parliament from Poland and the chairman of the group highlighted in his opening word respect to churches’ engagement and the role of churches in society.  


Efforts for addressing climate change need to include the dimension of justice. Justice need to be considered in its entirety. Therefore, there is the need to overcome an approach playing social justice and care for employment against climate justice,’ emphasized in his talk to the members of the European Parliament Peter Pavlovic.  MEPs have appreciated to receive information about variety of churches’ efforts across many European countries in addressing climate change.


The meeting was an opportunity to highlight that ECEN and CEC are ready to take an active part on the dialogue with the European Parliament and that such a dialogue has its role in search for effective ways in efforts to respond to climate change.

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