Creation Time 2009 in Italy

The Italian churches have translated into italian the ECEN liturgical material 'Turn then and live' for creation time 2009. Download (pdf, 68k)

Pastor Letizia Tomassone (also vice president of the Protestant Federation in Italy) has prepared a Diary, a week of meditation an the atmosphere. Every day you can find a text from the Bible, scientific informations, good practices and a prayer. Download (pdf, 200k)

From 17th to 20th of september there was be a meeting in Tuscania at Casa Cares (director Paul Krieg) promoted by GLAM. The title is 'what we can do for an energetic spirituality'. The program is about biblical and scientific refletions and sharing of good practices in some areas of the church activity: the office, the mobility, the common meals, the building management. The weekend is an opportunity of training for pastors, deacons, decision makers and church members.