#fastfortheclimate in France published a call to fast

The #fastfortheclimate in France published a call to fast signed by over 90 French personalities in Reforme and in Saphirnews, and the official website www.jeunepourleclimat.net was launched!


In the spirit of the fast until COP21, the 90 personalities are from all backgrounds and walks of life: a shepherd, theologians, a banker, imams, rabbis, writers, a climatologist (former President of IPCC Jean Jouzel), pastors, sociologist, psychologist, climate activists, philosophers, organic farmers...


The fast we are calling for is a fast on Friday the 30th of November, Saturday the 1st of December, and Sunday the 2nd of December, the latter being the opening day of COP24. One or a community can fast one day or several, from food or from carbon-intensive practices, alone or together.


The website offers resources to create a local event of fasting or of breaking of the fast. One can register a local event, and its information is made available on a dedicated page. All local events are displayed on a map.


For further information visit: www.jeunepourleclimat.net