Good luck Jonas!

Norwegian cyclist Jonas Orset made a wonderful contribution to the pilgrimage of Climate Justice. In December 2018 be biked at the occasion of climate conference of COP 24, a form of a biking pilgrimage, from Oslo to Katowice. Jonas made through his biking and his commitment to Climate Justice equally a contribution to ECEN Assembly 2018 in Katowice. 

Now, Jonas is engaged in the new biking project. On Monday 11th March he started a charity race for Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, an 11day trip from Dallas to California.

Along the road he is going to meet different people and hear their stories. As he explains: ‘I believe everyone should deserve to be heard. I think it’s a great way to meet others and also share the mission of Hope for Justice. A mission to give exploited people back the hope and put an end to modern slavery. I want to raise awareness for the importance of hope for all, and I aim to raise 3000 USD for Hope for Justice during the next two weeks.’

Would anyone want to know more about his endeavour or contribute to his mission, he/she may get further information here.

Thanks for your contribution to ECEN and your commitment for justice and hope.

Good luck on your Hope for Justice trip Jonas!

Photo: Joakim Birkeland, www.