Hungary will not prevent the EU 2050 Climate Goal

Hungarian protestant environmental groups have successfully promoted to reach EU carbon neutrality by 2050. After an unfortunate veto of Hungary, Czech republic, Poland and Estonia at European Council Summit in June, the environmental organizations of the Lutheran and the Reformed Churches in Hungary wrote a letter to Mr President János Áder to ask him for supporting the EU 2050 climate goal. The letter has been answered positively, and we gladly share Mr Director Csaba Kőrösi's hope: "I am positive that Hungary’s actual performance will not stand in the way – as it has not been standing in the way so far – of the EU reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. It is my belief that if we stay on the road we have been on and keep making significant efforts, it is a realistic perspective for Hungary to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases to a level that the environment is able to absorb, and we can, at the same time, modernize our economy and improve our quality of life even further."

You can find the answer of Mr Director Csaba Kőrösi attached.

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