Scottish Government set to announce deposit return scheme for plastic bottles

This morning the press are reporting that the Scottish Government will introduce a deposit return scheme for drink packaging including plastic bottles and cans. This is the culmination of a campaign Eco-Congregation Scotland has been part of for the past eighteen months.

According to Sky News:

“Scottish ministers will now look at what DRS will work best, balancing the interests of the environment with the concerns of those opposed to such a scheme.”

When Eco-Congrecation Scotland first mentioned deposit return in their social media accounts and newsletter it got the biggest response of any issue they have been involved in. It seemed to strike a chord with Christians and churches so the Eco-Congregation Scotland officially joined the Have You Got the Bottle campaign.

Now, it looks like their campaign has been successful, with many retailers and drink manufacturers supporting the proposal. To see the potential benefits of a scheme like this for the environment and economy please click here.

Eco-Congregation Scotland is now waiting for the official announcement to see exactly how such a scheme will operate in Scotland.