Seeking an orientation in a challenging World - CEC Assembly Reflection

The "Reversed Clock" at the River Danube of Novi Sad impressed us with the small hand showing minutes, and the big hand showing hours. From long distance, it was more important for the fishermen to know where they were in a day than to know the exact minutes. Likewise, CEC Assembly lifted us up from the unimportant details and momentary interests. Being together with brothers and sisters in Christ, it was a great opportunity to focus on the present and the future of our churches in Europe.

The body of Christ is one but has many members (1Cor 12:12). This unity is mysteriously worked by Holy Spirit, but we carry out various tasks within the unity, serving different fields. One of the great theologians of the Ecumenism, Wolfhart Pannenberg emphasizes in his Systematic Theology, that charisma related to a specific time and situation in Early Christianity: "Since the tasks to be performed in church life are always changing with changing situations, there is no fixed number of charisms.”

In our days we are in an extremely changing situation that requires adequate answers and charisms for recent problems. The climate change is one of the most urgent challenge for our generation and for next ones.

ECEN is a place where responsible Christians can work together on a substantial issue. ECEN called the church representatives in CEC Assembly to care together for creation. The world created as good. We have to keep it and guard it as good.

Tamás Kodacsy