Church Green Action News from Devon, UK

Church Green Action News from Devon, UK

Items of interest for the summer:

1.   June/July highlights. The past month has been particularly busy and significant with the publication of the Lambeth Declaration here, the Climate Lobby of Parliament here and from Devon Churches Green Actionhere too, the Papal Encyclical (see here and attached reflection) and further evidence of the consequences of global warming such as the Lancet’s report on health and climate here . Please click on these links for relevant information and follow up.

For enthusiasts there is also a comparison of recent Anglican and Catholic comments here

Plymouth Green Book Club will be discussing Laudato Si on Thursday, 30 July, 6:30pm - 8pm in room 402, theBabbage Building, Plymouth University (see details attached)

2.     Devon Development Education - Global Book Club. 6th July discussion about Greg Valerio’s ‘Making Trouble: Fighting For Fair Trade Jewellery’. 7.00pm at the Global Centre, St. David’s Hill, Exeter: booking . Also at the Global Centre on 9th July (1.00pm-2.00pm), three Headteachers from Uganda; Andrew Munezero, Florence Namazzi and Willian Nyesigye coming to give a DDEWorld at Lunch Special at Exeter Community Centre. They are in Devon visiting their link schools for two weeks, and will talk about the challenges and successes of the Primary schooling system in Uganda.  (see flyers attached). DDE Summer Party takes place on Tuesday 14th July from 6.30pm. (see attached).

Finally, DDE is seeking to offer work to a new intern as a real experience for a recent graduate and to develop global and environmental education work in Devon. For those interested in supporting this project financially a letter is attached, which can also be passed on to others.

3.     Exeter has now joined Plymouth as a Sustainable Food City, demonstrating that there is sufficient energy and commitment to different ways of growing and sharing food in the community, and these are already making changes to human health, the local economy and a more sustainable environment.  See here  

4.     Bishop David Atkinson, Assistant Bishop in the Anglican Diocese of Southwark, has written an excellent summary paper of a longer document he wrote on'Climate Change and the Gospel' earlier this year. Both papers are available on DCGA website link. It is hoped this will be useful to local churches in highlighting some of the key scientific and theological issues in the run up to the Paris Summit this November.

5.     Climate Prayers. In the run up to the Paris Summit this winter this column will include ideas and resources for worship for your use – at home or in church. Please see attached.

6.     EcoChurch SouthWest conference on ‘Empowering Communities through Greening the Church’ at St. James’ Church, Exeter on Thursday 9th September. Go to hereAdvanced booking advised.

7.     Lectures at St, Michael’s, Mount Dinham, Exeter. Programme for summer and autumn terms is attached.

8.     The Conservation Foundation’s We Love Yewproject will encourage communities to discover their local heritage and celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta. Yews are often a special part of the biodiversity of churchyards in Devon and elsewhere and new plantings can be seen as a sign of hope for the future. See attached news release.

9.     Devon Association for Renewable Energy (DARE) is delighted to announce that the new community energy legal toolkit is now available to view online from Devon County Council’s website. It is hoped the toolkit will help community energy groups understand good practice in developing community energy projects so that their community’s interests are properly protected. Please click on the Toolkit link for more details.