UN Environmental Assembly in Nairobi

Report from Sonja Ohlsson from Brahma Kumaris and Rev.Rachel Mash from Green Anglicans.


UN Environment General Assembly meets from 11th-14th March 2019 in Nairobi (Kenya).

The Assembly is attended by a number of representatives from a variety of churches, religions and faith based communities. At the conference is registered 135 representatives of faith communities and faith leaders from 12 different religions.

They contribute to the programme of the Assembly by organising 2-3 faith based side events per day. More about the programme and faith based contributions can be found here.

The Earth for Faith Initiative introduced by UNEP has had great success in convening the faith-based community. Photos of Faith for Earth tent are available here, trailer from youtube here.

The side event "Lifestyle Changes based on Values and Ethics – The Role of Faith in promoting Sustainable Consumption and Innovative Technology" on 12th March had was visited by the incoming Executive Director of UNEP Inger Andersen. She greeted the assembled community and underlined: ’You are the faith leaders, you convene people. In the hands of faith and love we can all stand united and stronger. I get inspired and more committed when I meet all of you.’