WCC ‘Roadmap’ resource for eco-justice available in multilingual versions

The “Roadmap for Congregations, Communities and Churches for an Economy of Life and Ecological Justice” is an invitation to join a pilgrimage for an Economy of Life and climate justice, to commit to make changes in the way people live, to share successful ideas and to encourage one another.

The “Roadmap” is now available for download in English, Spanish, German and French, in versions for professional and home printing.

The publication is the fruit of a work led by Rev. Norman Tendis, WCC consultant for Economy of Life, who was one of the victims of the Ethiopian Airlines crash on 10 March.

The “Roadmap” offers a 5-step programme to change the way we deal with the economy and our ecological surroundings in the following areas: Living in accordance with the covenant with God and creation, Renewable Energy & Climate Protection, Just and Sustainable Consumption, Economies of Life and Networking.

Read more and download the booklet in English, Spanish, German or French at www.oikumene.org