Creation Time 2018

A collection of liturgical materials from different parts of the world and an overview of variety of activities at the occasion of Season of Creation is offered at Season of Creation

Order of Service for the Ecumenical Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation 2018 “Your fruit comes from me” Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christlicher Kirchen in Deutschland e.V. 

Taste, fühle, begreife – SchöpfungsZeit 2018 oeku, Switzerland (in German)

Eucharist and Laudato Si': Liturgical Resources to Celebrate a Catholic Season of Creation During September Charles Rue, Columban Mission, Australia

A Catholic Season of Creation: Liturgical Resource St Columbans Mission Society, Australia

Worship Material for Creation Time 2018 of the Eco-Congregation Scotland

For the Created World in Community ("Közösségben a teremtett világért") Materials for the Celebration of Creation Time 2018 (in Hungarian) 

Naturschutz und Religionen. Projektwoche in Osnabrück 2-9. Sept. 2018. Abrahamisches Forum in Deutschland e.V. (in German)

Jahrbuch Ökologie 2017/2018. Abrahamisches Forum in Deutschland e.V. (in German)

Sustainable preaching ("nachhaltig predigen") Zentrum Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung