The Feast of Creation and the Mystery of Creation

Ecumenism, theology, liturgy, and signs of the times in dialogue

15-16 March 2024 Assisi

In recent decades, the “Feast of Creation” of September 1 (also known as Creation Day or World Day of Prayer for Creation) has emerged as an important Christian celebration of Creation. Originally inspired by an ancient tradition of the Orthodox Church, nearly all major denominations now celebrate the feast annually through countless ecumenical initiatives and prayers, celebrating God as Creator and the great mystery of the creation of the cosmos.

The seminar will explore the ecumenical journey so far in celebrating the feast and its potential to be jointly instituted in the liturgical calendars of Western Churches. The Assisi seminar, hosted by Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino, will explore the details of the proposal, enrich it further with the contributions from participants, and discern if the time has arrived for this ecumenical step. It will take place in the iconic Cittadella center of Pro Civitate Christiana, venue of the historic 1956 International Congress of Pastoral Liturgy in the lead up to the Second Vatican Council.


Laudato Si’ Center of Assisi and Pro Civitate Christiana, in collaboration with “Assisi: Terra Laudato Si’” partners, as Diocese and Franciscan Families of Assisi.