Conference of European Churches and ECEN mourn tragic loss of a colleague in the plane crash

Conference of European Churches and ECEN mourn the death of Norman Tendis, one of the victims of tragic plane crash in Ethiopia on Sunday morning.

In the joint letter to Bishop Michael Bünker of Evangelical Church A. C. in Austria the CEC General Secretary Fr.Heikki Huttunen and ECEN secretary Peter Pavlovic underlined:

With deep sorrow we received the news of the tragic death of Norman Tendis. We remember Norman as a passionate member of the Church, deeply rooted in the life of the local community, but at the same time a member of a wide ecumenical family.

We commemorate Norman as a valued colleague, who has made a significant contribution to the work of CEC and ECEN with his deep knowledge, extensive experience and inexhaustible enthusiasm. His conviction of the firm connection between faith and the care of God’s creation remains with us.

We all pray for Norman and his family.