A new "green" route appeared in the village of Bohina in the Braslaŭ district

An ecological trail 700 meters long runs along the local Bohinskaje Lake. The trail is equipped with stations, on each there is an information stand with a detailed description of the local flora and fauna, environmental tips and recommendations. In spring and summer, you can see live "exhibits" here.

You can walk along the trail with a guided tour or on your own. A smartphone will help you to make an independent walk more meaningful: just scan a special code on the stand and you will be able to hear local birds, look at insects, plants.

The trail was created thanks to the joint efforts of the Center for Environmental Solutions and the local parish of the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin with the financial support of the Coalition Clean Baltic.

The ecological trail will be “supervised” by the local church house, which has long been a community center for the village residents. There are film screenings for the elderly, educational classes for schoolchildren, cultural and educational events for young people from the village. The ecological trail is supposed to be an excellent informational and educational component that will allow conducting classes in the natural environment.

The first guests of the ecological route were local guys, students of schools, local residents. The first excursion along the trail was conducted by an employee of the Center for Environmental Solutions Sergey Yushkevich and students.

"This ecological lesson on nature will give each of us a chance to reflect. A tour along the trail is another little life lesson, a lesson about the world in which we live," the Archpriest Igor Chechukovich welcomes young guests. "We all like to live in good conditions. We all want beautiful nature around, no smoke, gardens blooming, birds singing, moths flying. However, we must understand that nature was created beautiful, and man should not destroy or degrade it."

It is not the first year that the Center for Environmental Solutions has been creating trails, because, according to representatives of the organization, this is a good way to tell the public about nature and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Creation of this trail is a logical continuation of the organization’s work in the region, where the Center for Environmental Solutions for several years implemented a large-scale European Union project on climate neutrality.

"It's nice that here, in Bohina, there is now an ecological trail, because it will be an additional reason for many people to come here. Come and walk along the route, look at the beauty that is not found in any large city of Belarus,” says Evgeniy Lobanov, director of the Center for Environmental Solutions. "Of course, I hope that after visiting the trail people will become more careful in relation to nature and to each other."