Environmental Education

Environmental questions sometimes are difficult especially when they require our decision and changes in our lives. Trying to raise environmental awereness can make this enterprise sometimes harder but also quite often somehow easier ending in uplifting results. Young people are usually keen on learning about our environmental challenges and doing something for the world, and adults can be inspired by them as well.

Coming from diverse backgrounds and working in different contexts in this group we share our experiences and observations, discuss our successes and our challenges, help each other with questions and ideas, learn new ways and new understandings. Enviromental education can happen in a school context or in our church and faith communities, may address children or elder people, can start from the theoretical level and be very pragmatic. Yet be our environmental education whatsoever, we all share the experience that this work is always a good challenge of which the result will be known only much later, but it is still definitely worth doing.



Eszter Kodácsy-Simon