Vocational training about environmental education in the Lutheran Church in Hungary

What does the relationship between God, people and nature mean in the Bible and what does it mean for us today? How do we know about it and what are the consequences of it? How does its understanding shape our environment and our future? What can we do in our church communities and in our Religious Education classes to raise consciousness about the created world? What are the challenges and possibilities that we face today when working on environmental education with young people?
These were only a few questions that were addressed at the vocational training organized by the Department of Religious Eduation at the Lutheran Theological University in Budapest supported by the project „No Planet B” (Oikosz – Közös házban élünk!). Participants could listen to presentations both from theological and scientific sides, and participate in workshops dealing with communal, personal, pedagogical and practical aspects of this very important issue of our days.

Read more about the event here (in Hungarian)