A prayer at a lake

I watch you, black-throated diver,
hearing your voice at the darkening lake
the message from millions of years ago.
You were here long before me,
you diver black-throated,
a bird of silent waters.

I hear a child playing
just before it's time to sleep
You will be living here
when I and my friends are no more.

I watch the lake, now calm in the evening
Water, without you there is no life
You have baptized me,
you, clean, clear water.

I watch you, the birch tree
You grow and reach over the water
You give to me and all the other beings who breathe air
new power of life.

I watch you, the high rock behind the cottage,
Rock, you are protecting me, the diver, child and birch,
from the wind blowing behind you,
this part of the isle is serene.

Mother Earth, brother wind, father rock, my sister diver,
you are the body of God,
Body of God, who was born your brother
and mine.

Black-throated diver, may you still live for millions of years
rock, my father, protect this lake,
earth, my mother, carry the growing life,
my brother wind, blow and make the air clear,

Water, darkening in the evening, support life, stay clean,
let the gift of Holy Spirit revive
sisters and brothers and the whole creation. Amen.

Ilkka Sipiläinen