Message to every church and congregation in Europe

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Members of the European Christian Environmental Network met in Basel in May 2005. The 120 delegates and guests represented Christians from 30 countries in Europe and overseas. As members of Anglican, Orthodox, Protestant, Old Catholic and Roman Catholic churches, we brought a rich diversity of theological traditions, environmental issues, and church experiences. But together we shared one urgent concern: how, as the people of Jesus Christ, we are called to manifest his love for the whole of God's creation in the midst of the environmental crisis.

Empowered and encouraged by our Assembly, the members of the network now return to our different churches and countries to work together with you to find a new and sustainable way of living. We call on churches, congregations and individual Christians throughout Europe to:

  • Celebrate Creationtide during September and October each year.
  • Rediscover the eucharist as the place where God is already healing creation.
  • Promote education for sustainable living in your churches, in your communities, and in the national curriculum.
  • Play your part in tackling climate change by reducing your energy consumption and using green electricity.
  • Form relationships of eco-justice with communities in the south who are affected by our profligate lifestyle.
  • Change the way you travel, dramatically reducing car use and air travel, and promoting alternatives.
  • Manage your church life sustainably, by implementing policies on energy efficiency, purchasing, waste, land and finance.
  • Value water, by using it carefully and advocating its availability for the benefit of all creation.
  • Learn about, protect and enjoy the diversity of nature around you.

There are many programmes and resources around Europe to support you in this work: you can find out about these on our website,, along with materials which ECEN has developed. Small actions are already adding up to big results and many churches are taking action. When ECEN next meets we look forward to praising God for all that Christians have done to care for creation throughout Europe. And when we again share our stories and experiences, your story will be among them.