Be praised in and through all creatures

Good Lord, most high almighty
to you all praised is due,
all glory, honour and blessing,
belong alone to you;
there is no man whose lips
are fit to frame your name.

Be praised, my Lord God,
in and through all your creatures
especially among them,
through noble Brother Sun
by whom you light the day
in his radiant splendid beauty
he reminds us, Lord, of you.

Be praised, my Lord, through Sister Moon and all the stars.
You have made the sky shine in their lovely light.

In Brother Wind be praised, my Lord,
and in the air, in clouds and calm,
in all the weather moods that cherish life.

Be praised, my Lord, through Sister Water.
She is most useful, humble, precious, pure.
And Brother Fire, by whom you lighten night;
how fine is he, how happy, powerful, strong

Through our dear Mother Earth be praised, my Lord,
She feeds us, guides us, gives us plants, bright flowers
and all her fruits.

Be praised, my Lord, through us
when out of love for you we pardon one another.
When we endure in sickness and in sorrow.

Blessed are they who preserve in peace;
from you, Most High, they will receive their prize.

Be praised, my Lord, for our Sister Death
from whom no man alive can hope to hide;
wretched are they who die deep in their sin,
and blessed those Death finds doing your will.
For them there is no further death to fear.

O people! Praise God and bless him,
Give him thanks and serve him most humbly

Saint Francis of Assisi