ECEN Assembly last UPDATES

Dear friends,

ECEN Assembly is getting close. With this notification we want to share with you some last updates enabling your participation and travel to Hungary as smoothly as possible.

1.      We were notified by our Hungarian colleagues that the Hungarian Railroad Company (MÁV) started reconstruction works on a bit of the railway towards Balatonszárszó in September. This means that those travelling by train will have to change to a bus for a part of the trip. This should not have big effects on the travel, nevertheless we wanted to share this information with you in order to avoid surprises.  Change from train to bus is requested in Siófok; information here: The bus stops at the train station, it should be signalled at the station. 

The bus takes passengers to Balatonszárszó. From the bus stop it takes then about 16 minutes walk to the conference center; information here

Should anyone be lost, we can pick you up by car at Balatonszárszó or Siófok. In case of need or emergency you may contact me on my mobile phone+32 498 08 18 01.

2.      Some information regarding the public transport in Budapest: In public transport every means of transport requires one ticket, so one for bus, one for metro. For metro and bus the same kind of ticket can be used, however, you can use 1 ticket only for one entry. You don't have to pay for luggage, only if it is oversized. If you pay by cash, you can use only forint, but if you want to use a credit card, that's possible as well. The prices of the tickets you can find here, and about vending machines here, and about public transportation in Budapest here.

3.      Please be reminded that there are no trains late in the evening going to Balatonszárszó. In case you arrive to Budapest late, it is recommended to book a hotel close to the Déli (Southern) train station, from which the trains to Balatonszarszo depart next morning. Here you can find several hotels. Hotels at the airport can be consulted here or here.

4.      Additional to already available information about the conference centre: wireless internet access is available for all participants in the main conference room. In the rooms is available internet via cable connection.

5.      One of the accents of the Assembly will be environmental theology. In our Preparational Readings section you will a text prepared by Tamas Kodacsy from the Reformed Church in Hungary and engaged in Eco-congregation projects. Tamas will contribute to the Assembly as preacher in the opening worship service. The attached text may serve as an introduction to the Assembly. You may be interested to read it in preparing for the conference.