Excerps/Readings of Creation Theology

These Excerps/ Readings explore some aspects of Creation Theology in Preparation for the Theology Working Group at the September 2014 Conference. In his book 'Faith in the Public Square', Archbishop Rowan Williams speaks of the present crisis in the life of our planet, and how Creation Theology is concerned with urgent questions for us today. click here to download pdf.

In 'The Cosmic Pilgrim', Margaret Mc Intyre, is tackling the important relationship between Science and Religion. What are the scientist telling us about God's Creation? Can we ignore Science? If we take Science seriously what effect does this have on our Theology and knowledge of God? click here to download pdf.

Michael Northcott will provide the speeches at the ECEN Assembly in Balatonszárszó. As a preparation to the Assembly as well as for his teachings, find here a review of Michael Northcott's book, 'A Polotical Theology of Climate Change'Click here to read the review

Naomi Klein - 'This Changes Everything'. Click here to read article. 

Come with lots of Questions!