First performance of a Song for the Season of Creation

The choir of St Bride’s Church Fleet Street gave the first ever performance last Sunday of A song for the Season of Creation written for churches to include in creationtide services later this year.  A recording is available at


The song was launched on Rogation Sunday to enable choirs, groups and congregations time to download copies and practise the song for services being held during the season 1st September to 4th October.  The song, which uses poet Malcolm Guite’s words, has been commissioned by the CofE’s Environmental Working Group and has been arranged for singers of various ranges.  Sheet music, rehearsal files and recordings can be downloaded free of charge from the St Bride’s website.

Revd Canon Dr Alison Joyce, The Rector of St Bride’s said “The choir of St Bride’s has done an amazing job in helping to raise our awareness of how we can all respond positively to the environmental challenges that we face - and their initiative has been the more effective because it has emerged from within the heart of our worshipping community.  The idea of a specially commissioned Song for the Season of Creation is an inspired way of encouraging other choirs to spread the word, too.”

Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury, Lead Bishop for the Environment said “We can see the urgency to care for God’s earth, our common home.  Music and worship give form to our Christian lives.  This is a song for God’s creation we can all sing this Season of Creation”.

Hugh Morris, Director of the Royal School of Church Music said “Using music to celebrate the richness of God’s creation is something all churches can do, and this new Song for the Season of Creation offers an open, flexible way of resourcing and encouraging churches to lift up their voices in praise”.


FURTHER INFORMATION:  David Shreeve, Environmental Adviser, The Archbishops’ Council, Church of England

david [dot] shreeveatchurchofengland [dot] org     07831 387745