Hope and the ocean belong to us all !

In the maritime setting of Fredrikstad, at the mouth of the Glomma, Norway’s longest river, a unique building is taking shape. It bears the name of the Hope Cathedral and is an interfaith, sustainable art project.

Inspired by Norway’s famous stave churches, the structure rises majestically on its 120 m2 barge made of timber and roots and built in traditional fashion. The roof is a 300 m2 multi-coloured work of art made of plastic taken from the ocean and subjected to an innovative transformation process. More than 1000 fish boxes have been washed, granulated and turned into 4000 roof tiles in more than 50 different colours.

The Hope Cathedral is an environmentally sustainable project symbolising the creation of hope through cooperation and reminding us that we are able to transform evil to good. Both the creative process and the finished cathedral is open to everyone. The project started in 2018 and will be formally opened on June 5, 2021, UN Environment Day. 

The project is financed through support from numerous donors, great and small, in addition to a remarkable contribution of voluntary work – over 9000 hours so far. Our main sponsors are the municipality, the county, the Norwegian Church and the bank Sparebankstiftelsen DNB. The project is organised as a non-profit limited company of public utility.

Our point of departure is the ocean, which is borderless and binds us together – nations, continents and people, regardless of our religion. The ocean gives life and is our common inheritance. This inheritance is now threatened. If we are to save the ocean, we must do so together.

Hope and the ocean belong to us all!

Follow the Inauguration of the Hope Cathedral on June 5 2021 here.

You can read more on the Hope Cathedral project: hopecathedral.no