Olive trees in Milan

To our ECEN friends

Several weeks after the ECEN wave hit (and hopefully impacted) Italia I come to thank you for your donations to plant olive trees. Thanks to those who put into the carbon comp fund but certainly thanks to you all for your initiative bringing to reality in our country your meeting with its impulses and encouragement. We would not have planted any olive trees this year if it were not for all of you.

We priced trees and opted for the solution of a number of smaller trees. The fund gave us a total of €470 which will permit us to purchase and plant about 40 3-year-old trees. They were one of the three varieties of the about 400 olive trees in Italy, with ours needing to be particularly robust as we are relatively far north and at 500 meters altitude. We found the time to plant the trees before we began this year's harvest, a good one giving us over 500 litres of organic, extra virgin oil to sell to our guests.

Shortly after the Assembly I was responsible for a Sunday service at the Chiesa Metodista in Florence and I guarantee it was "Time for Creation." Included was the Assembly’s final document that Laura has already translated into Italian. See what you have done!?

My guess is that one day we shall have the honour of hosting some of you and it would be great to experience your realities. May our Lord bless our efforts for the benefit of all. Arrivederci!

Saluti da Casa Cares,

Paul Krieg (and also Leah)