Podcast blends faith and science to promote care for creation

In a newly released podcast, Dr Louk Andrianos, World Council of Churches consultant on Care for Creation, Sustainability and Climate Justice, reflects on how faith and science can harmoniously blend in ways that help us all care for creation.

In the podcast, Andrianos explains that he didn’t always picture himself in such a prophetic role.

Now a Season of Creation Steering Committee member, Andrianos once thought that he’d stick to the sciences and spend his career working in biology or agronomy. But Andrianos found a way to blend his faith and the sciences to help Christians around the world care for creation. He describes his journey a podcast produce by the Global Catholic Climate Movement.

“I feel called by God to do this… I think God wants me to work for these kinds of activities, ecumenical care for creation and especially work for the whole of creation,” Andrianos says in the podcast.

“I was guided, I would say, by the Holy Spirit of God to do this. I had no idea at the beginning what would be the best way that God can use me. I was just giving myself as I say always, when I pray, I say, ‘God, use me as I am your creation, so you know best.’ ”

Listen to podcast “Season of Creation leader: ‘God is the perfect scientist'  ”

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