Climate Change is already affecting water resources in most parts of Europe and the World, and this is likely to become more serious in each passing year. The disruption caused by warmer temperatures to the hydrological cycle is prompting glacial and polar ice melting, destruction of continental and marine environments, extreme weather events and sea-level rises which are threatening human and other life across the Earth. It is therefore essential that our churches address water issues as an expression of the Gospel’s call to care about the planet for now and for the future.

In particular, our Churches and their members should follow the EU discussions and decisions on Water. It is essential that our European churches and we as their members should make lifestyle changes to protect rather than destroy water resources. For instance, we need radically to re-think our water systems and better use grey water instead of unnecessarily using high-quality filtered water.

We therefore recommend the following actions for individuals and churches:

  • to reduce our personal demands and use of fresh water
  • to campaign for justice for those whose water is most threatened by Climate Change
  • to take steps to recycle and re-use water from our buildings and land
  • ECEN Water group