World Student Christian Federation reiterates calls for climate justice

The World Student Christian Federation, already with a history of calling for climate justice, continues to urge action and commitment from world leaders.

The federation was part of the ecumenical coalition for climate justice that attended the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference. 

The World Student Christian Federation has been involved in climate justice advocacy as part of its Ecological Justice Global Program since 2015. Many activities have been done in COP-related frameworks, particularly related to ecumenical delegations and interfaith coordination.

The federation expressed grave concern over how reluctant industrialised countries are regarding the most important work streams in the climate conversation, especially those that tried to slightly cover the climate and ecological debt with the most affected countries and communities that have contributed the least to climate change.  

Malena Lozada, from Argentina, who represented the federation, reflected on how important funding agreements are for the Global South. “And even though, it is a global problem and needs a global solution and a whole planet that walks along; it is true that we have common but differentiated responsibilities,” said Lozada. “Those who are going to suffer more are the ones that have less economic resources to face a climate crisis and the ones that have very little responsibility in the generation of this crisis.”

The World Student Christian Federation is concerned about the outcomes of COP26 as they remain far behind the accelerating climate crisis. The federation especially expressed concern that, once again, the selfishness and greed of rich countries have left behind the table some of the most important conversations such as loss and damage produced by the climate change effects.

Regarding the climate crisis, Dr Geevarghese Mor Coorilos, World Student Christian Federation chairperson, shared a reflection on the responsibility of the global ecumenical community, saying that indeed it is now or never.

“Today, our planet and humanity are at crossroads,” said Coorilos. “The challenge of climate change is beyond human imagination and hence requires urgent attention and response.”

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