A call to tackle climate change in the EU

We speak as the European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN), bringing together representatives and members from Christian churches across Europe – Anglican, Orthodox, Protestant and Roman Catholic – whose membership comprises many millions of European citizens.

We are deeply concerned by the growing impact of human induced climate change on our planet, its inhabitants and ecosystems – God´s creation. We see the need for justice for those people and environments that are most vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.

Therefore we encourage the EU delegation at COP 12 to take a strong and pro-active position in re-inforcing the Kyoto targets in the second commitment period.

Moreover, we urge the EU delegation, as well as our national delegates, to recognise the unjust situation facing the world's communities most vulnerable to climate change and their need for justice and equality.

In this light it is essential that EU member states take more seriously their responsibility to bring down their GHG emissions, as well as insure the establishment of adaptation measures and funds which are fair and just.

We pray for the effective outcome of your deliberations.

European Christian Environmental Network
6th Assembly, Flämslätt, Sweden, 30 September 2006