Climate change with Dr Katherine Hayhoe

Climate change with Dr Katherine Hayhoe

Source: A Rocha - France

"We are prompted by our colleagues in A Rocha Switzerland to highlight, in light of upcoming events at COP21, the work of a significant person:
Dr Hayhoe is a specialist in atmospheric science, and an evangelical Christian, who has taken upon herself a mission to explain climate change to Christian believers. Recently, TIME magazine named her one of the “100 most influential people in the world”. She will be speaking during a one-day conference organized by A Rocha on 5 December in Paris, on the sidelines of the COP-21 conference.

Katherine Hayhoe also spoke at a day organized by A Rocha Canada last May, at Regents College in Vancouver. She shared the stage with the co-founders of A Rocha, Peter and Miranda Harris, and the folk musicians Sheree Platt and Jeremy Eisenhauer.

You can see videos of the event here:
Introduction, Peter Harris (5:50)
Presentation by Katharine (25 minutes)
Round table with Katharine, Peter Robinson (Executive Direction of the David Suzuki Foundation), Preston Manning and Jeffrey Greenman (President of Regent College) (20 minutes)
• “Be Back Tomorrow”, song by Sheree Platt and Jeremy Eisenhauer (2:20)
This article was taken from the A Rocha Switzerland site (original in French).

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